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Our clients are extremely proud of their wooden boats, and recognize that specialized off-season storage and expert finishing are not only critical to the longevity and appearance of their boat, they are also cost-effective. Winter storage in buildings with concrete floors, heated storage, and outside storage all have adverse drying effects on a wooden boat. Repeated expansion and contraction of wood from seasonal moisture fluctuations will result in excessive leaking and paint cracking along seams which, over many years, will loosen fasteners and permanently damage planking. The lifespan of a wooden boat can be extended indefinitely when stored on a gravel or dirt floor, in a well ventilated, unheated building with no direct sunlight. Our 17,000 sq. ft. humidity controlled storage facility was designed to optimize the balance of these conditions.

Our highly acclaimed expertise in restoring and building new wooden boats reflects the attention we’ll devote to the annual maintenance of your boat: large or small. Each fall, experienced wooden boat owners bring their boats to Streblow Custom Boats and each spring, trust that our knowledgeable and experienced service team will return their boat in showroom condition – ready to turn heads and wow everyone on the lake.

Streblow Custom Boats has proven time and again that owning and maintaining a wooden boat can be and should be hassle-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't wooden boats hard to maintain?

The belief that wood boats are difficult to maintain is highly exaggerated. Maintenance is no different on a wooden boat than any other boat. According to Steve Horton, our master boat builder, "Maintenance is often a matter of simply keeping a cover on the boat – a procedure, I admit, that is easier said than done for Streblow owners. Most of our customers don’t like to cover our boats... they like to show them off!" 

Streblow Custom Boats has proven time and again that owning and maintaining a wooden boat can be hassle-free.

What if I want to store my boat but it's not a Streblow?

Call us at 262-728-6898! We always have a few spots available for additional boats.