Our Building Process

To watch a Streblow emerge from component materials is to witness the miracle of fine art and craftsmanship

The Streblow Mystique - At The Lake Magazine

Sketch Your Streblow

For fifty years, we've sketched and rendered all of the boats we build. It may seem old-school, but it's how we get it perfect for you. Our focus is making your dream come true and by spending time on this step, we're closer to making that dream a reality!

Final Blueprint

How exciting! We've finalized your ideas together. Now, we'll create a blueprint for our master craftsmen to follow as we begin your Streblow build. 

Gather Materials

Wood is the foundation of the Streblow brand. We know it better than anyone. Our framing is white oak, the bottom is marine plywood and our signature outer planking is gorgeous Philippine mahogany. It can take days for us to choose wood that meets our extremely high standards. 

Shape Your Streblow

Now your Streblow is starting to come together! We work from the bottom, up, framing your hull completely.

Add The Planks

Larry Streblow’s innovative watertight, rot-free bottom is our highly-guarded secret, respectively called the "Streblow Special Bottom"! No need to soak your hull before use. Your Streblow will be ready for its maiden voyage immediately upon its completion.

Time to Plug

Thousands of screws are installed along the hull and plugged. Once sanded, you won't be able to even tell that this picture could have been possible!

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