Pre-Owned Streblow Boats For Sale

Whether choosing a Pre-owned Streblow, or dreaming up your very own Streblow Custom Boat, know that the uncompromising standards executed in each build will continue to afford you many years of memories on the water. 

Join the legacy of over 100 flawless wooden boats on Geneva Lake and more than 500 classic vessels touring the waters nationwide. 

"Streblow boats are for those who deserve to possess them."

- Larry Streblow, Founder of Streblow Custom Boats

Golden Girl 

20′ Straight Drive Streblow - Built in 1980 - Chrysler 440 Engine - 330 Horsepower

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Hebridean II

23' V Drive Streblow - Built in 1989 - Chrysler 400 Series - 400 Horsepower

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Rare Bird

23′ Straight Drive Streblow - Built in 1990 - Ford 460 Big Block Engine with Chrysler Cooling System - 360 Horsepower

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Kalm Waters

23' Vee Drive Streblow - Built in 1983 - Chrysler 440 - 330 Horsepower  

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What's A Tree IV

23′ Straight Drive Streblow – Built in 1986 - Chrysler 440 Engine - 330 Horsepower

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All Aborg

23' Straight Drive Streblow Sport 
Built in 1978 - Powered by a Crusader 502

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Patrick's Cove

23' Vee Drive Streblow Sport
Built in 1994 - Powered by a Crusader 454 XL  

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26' Straight Drive

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Streblow Custom Boats is truly a team that does what they say and says what they do.
'Serenity' is our third Streblow and we will never own another type of boat. Streblow continues to prove that they are 100% committed to serving the customer and making sure our needs are met, no matter what. We have the most gorgeous boat on Geneva Lake and it wouldn't be possible without the amazing team at Streblow Custom Boats.

Tom, Lisa, Ryan, Christopher & Taylor Ganzer


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